May 042016

Meditation MediumRehabilitation from drug and alcohol addiction and even quitting smoking, are notoriously difficult pursuits. It is not uncommon to read about parents who cannot afford to feed their families, but who do not miss out on their daily pack of cigarettes. In this day and age, the very best rehabilitation programs have a 70 per cent relapse rate. Clearly, new approaches to addiction are required!

Reward- Based Learning Systems

The reason addictions can be so difficult to beat is the reward-based learning system, ingrained in the human brain since primitive times. In its most basic form, it comprises three elements: trigger, behavior, reward. Triggers are indulged and since the effect is positive, our brain stores this memory so we continue the same behavior in the future. In primitive times, this reward based system worked well to ensure people obtained food to survive yet it continues to govern the way our brain works today, even when food and drink are not scarce for many. All addictive substances (from cigarettes to alcohol) affect the part of the brain that reacts to these substances through the neurotransmitter, dopamine. Using addictive substances like cocaine and cigarettes, continues to feed a cycle that prompts reinforcement from these substances.

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May 272015

When Jackson shared Webinar Bannerwith me the Personal Process of Creation technology that he discovered, I had no idea how much it was going to help me as an empath.

His full assessment of my natural skin and hair tones and the shapes present in my face revealed to us what my Personal Process of Creation is–something I have always known but never consciously recognized as legitimate. I was so blown away by what my Personal Process of Creation revealed about me that I was honored when Jackson asked me to co-host a webinar about using these processes to create, manifest, and reach goals!

By the way, if you’re interested in joining us for the webinar you can sign up here:

And here is a helpful hand-out you can use to follow along and take notes during the class:

See, what I learned about my Personal Process to manifest and reach my goals is that I need to go through a stage of alone time and analysis before going any further and taking action. I think this is pretty typical of empaths who become over-stimulated easily and soak up so much energy from other people.

And this is an approach *not* typically supported and encouraged by society. Notice that if *your* Personal Process is different from that of most people around you and what they encourage, you can easily find yourself doing a lot of second-guessing. You may find yourself pressured to approach the sacred art of manifesting your desires in a way that is completely unnatural and forced for you. Continue reading »

May 212015

Something I’ve noticed about myself is that I have a process for working towards what I’m creating. It’s the same process I use whether I’m manifesting something I desire or using a step by step plan to meet goals.

And it makes me laugh, because I’ve always felt like this process was actually kind of “wrong”.

See, when most success experts give advice, they usually just tell you to take “massive action” or something of that nature. They tell you to just starting doing things physically (the right things, of course) to get what you want quickly.

But in this interview I did with Jackson Holiday Wheeler, we discuss another way…

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Apr 172015

When it comes to your  holistic business or any project you’re working on, of course it’s important to stay in the flow and keep the momentum going.

But what if you’ve taken some time off to focus on a second job or business? Maybe to study, have a child, take care of a family member, or just get clear about which direction you’re heading?

Jumping back into your business after being away for a few months can be daunting.

What if your vision of who you are and the work you do has changed? How do you pick up from where you left off?

You may have noticed that I’ve been MIA for a few months here on the blog. Last December, I felt inspired to move back to Philly from the surburbs (what I call like to call the country). Within weeks of feeling that inspiration and trying a new manifesting technique, I effortlessly manifested my ideal apartment!

Ideal for me, because the price was right in a beautiful neighborhood with a private garden and some newly renovated additions.  Plus a good friend and colleague lives right upstairs from me. The whole experience was so amazing I almost can’t even believe it, but this cute little home is now my reality.

Here's one of my windows with some of my favorite little art pieces. I'm looking forward to creating a garden view out the window as the weather gets warmer!

Here’s one of my windows in my new home with some of my favorite little art pieces. I’m looking forward to creating a garden view out the window as the weather gets warmer!

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Oct 202014

Coaching Page Meditation Picture

Mindfulness is a word we’re hearing increasingly often, because of its value for managing a variety of physical and mental health problems.

However, what does being mindful mean and how can mindfulness help us attain greater wellness?

Understanding Mindfulness

The principle of mindfulness comes from Buddhism and was designed to help followers understand themselves, train their minds for the better, and free themselves of unhelpful thoughts that hold them back.

It is possible to do this by focusing on our thoughts, feelings, and environment in the present moment, without distraction to the past or future, and not judging the way we think or feel.

There are four main aspects of mindfulness:

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