Jun 142013

After sharing my last video How to Interpret Synchronicity Experiences, a viewer asked me:

“How can you tell the difference between what’s just a coincidence and a synchronicity experience?

That is a great question!

I heard from several people that had never heard of synchronicity experiences before watching my video…

It makes sense that if you’d like to start noticing synchronicity experiences in your life, you want to be able to notice what makes a coincidence special and meaningful. You want to start paying attention ;)

In this video, I explain the difference between a coincidence and a synchronicity and give an example of each.

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Apr 192013


Do you ever feel like you’re waiting for things in your life to improve before you give yourself permission to feel great, relax, and enjoy?

If so, you’ll want to read and experience this!

Today I want to share with you a guest article by my dear friend and Law of Attraction Coach, Saskia Fokkink.I met her at Thrive Academy this past November and think she is amazing!

She has some great tips for changing your mindset in order to change your outer results AND a very generous offer to help you do this (keep reading!) :)

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Oct 012012

Do you ever feel frustrated, because things in your life aren’t the way you wish they were?

I know what that feels like, because I feel that way too sometimes. Sometimes I get frustrated when I look around and see a disconnect between what I wish was true, and what I actually see in my life.

But then I remember a really powerful tool that has brought me my desires in the past and never stops working. It has worked so many times for me, and yet sometimes I *still* need to remind myself to use this tool, because it’s so counterintuitive.

Do you want to know what it is?

The trick is to live as if your dreams and desires are *already* true!

That means saying you’re going to take that vacation even if you’re just dreaming about it. I spontaneously started saying I was going to go to Iraq on holiday one summer (I have no idea why), and within a few weeks, received an invitation to go to Iraq on holiday!

When I make it a point to indulge in a nice dinner off and on and window shop in expensive stores, more opportunities start to flow in, financial and otherwise (instead of just out).

When I’ve allowed myself to be loved and seen, that is when love shows up.

I think it really is about giving yourself *permission* to receive and nurturing the small ways your desires start coming to you, rather than focusing on where they’re not and getting frustrated.

So you might be wondering: What is the difference between doing this and people who are all talk and no action? Or people who spend a lot of money irresponsibly even if they don’t have any?

Well, for manifesting to work, a few things need to be in balance.

Consider that if you had exactly the amount of money you wanted, you probably would splurge a little more on some things. You might go out to eat a fancy meal more often, take a vacation, get a massage, etc. But if you are irresponsible with your money and don’t respect it, it won’t last long no matter how much you have. You are *always* going to have to think about spending wisely. Living as if you already have the amount of money you want is about visualizing and feeling that it’s already true for you. And maybe even splurging on an extravagance so you can *really* feel it. But this is not about being wasteful or “all talk.” Ever.

So try this. As soon as you wake up in the morning, imagine that the three most important areas of your life are exactly the way you want them to be: Your Wealth, Health, and Love.

Make every decision (how you interact with others, what you choose to wear, how you schedule your day, how you respond to stress) as if your biggest dreams are already true. Feel the difference.

If something comes up for you that makes you feel sad, feel it deeply and fully. This is not about pretending to be happy when you’re not. This is about *creating*. Instead of resisting the present moment with frustration, you are aligning with it and surrendering to it, because you are imagining and creating it.

It’s important to allow darker emotions to come up and not sugarcoat them. But if what you’re feeling is frustration and resistance to your present experience, this is a red flag. Do what you have to do to acknowledge your frustration. Maybe you need to vent a little bit or take some deep breaths…

And then come back to the present and remember that there is creative potential in the Now. Live as if all of your dreams are real in the moment, as if they’re a Done Deal even if you can’t see them all.

If you’re struggling with this concept, consider that we *already* do this in a way that’s a little irrational. We act as if we have the home we have and the people we know are in our lives, even when we’re away from them and don’t know for sure that we still have them in the moment. Accidents happen, people get angry and pull away, and yet we always act as if things in our lives are exactly as we left them, unless we hear or see otherwise. We already pretend and create a construct of our reality and lives all the time.

Consider choosing consciously how you want to experience your life in this moment and what you have. Don’t wait for some time in the future.

Remember that it’s all a State of Mind :)

Leave a comment and share any experiences you’ve had with trying this technique or any suggestions about how to *really feel* as if your desires are already true.

Sep 172012

I was able to make a difficult decision this week using a really cool technique, and I want to share it with you today!

I just started taking a class called Adult Psychopathology, because I wanted to get more clinical experience and possibly even an LPC (license professional counselor) license. It was a lot of extra work, though, and I found myself wondering if it was working in harmony with my work as a Life Coach or detracting from it.

It was hard to decide by reasoning. On the one hand, learning more is always advantageous. But the time I would spend on it would be time spent away from Life Coaching, which isn’t clinically based. I wasn’t sure if it was worth it.

Meanwhile, I’ve been reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. If you haven’t read this book yet, I highly recommend it! Initially I thought it would be a collection of success stories with tips on how to stay focused on goals, but it really isn’t. I think it’s really about using the Law of Attraction to encourage financial abundance. There are some pretty “out there” ideas in the book that are ahead of its time.  We talk openly about things like Law of Attraction nowadays, but it’s pretty crazy to think these ideas were being proposed in the mainstream when the book was written in 1937.

The Decision Making Tip I want to share with you is inspired by one Napoleon Hill used and talked about in his book. You can use this for more than just making decisions, though–it’s also a way to increase you vibration and incorporate traits into your personality that you admire most in others.

Check out my video below to learn more about the unusual technique Napoleon Hill used, and how I used it to make my HUGE decision.

Leave a comment and share your experience with this technique or how you could use it.

I would love to hear your experiences with this! It is such a creative approach, and I’m sure there are many variations we can come up with :)

P.S. I talk about a visualization I did to connect with my Higher Self in this video. If you want to learn more or try another, check out my article How to Invoke Your Higher Self

Sep 032012

Welcome to Part IV in my Make Your Dream Come True This Summer Series!

This is the last part, as summer is now coming to a close and I have something special to share with you :)

If you want to start at the beginning, you can check out the first video here.

Last time, I talked about Taking Action which is really important if you want to create anything in life. Two of the biggest things that stop us from seeing our dreams come true are not taking action at all (because of fear maybe) or focusing too much on taking action at the expense of relaxation and allowing.

There are other factors that are really important for realizing our dreams–such as how we think and feel about our desires, and the decisions we make.

In fact, here’s a crazy thought: What if the future can trickle back and affect our present simply based on decisions we make?

What if you can attract opportunities across space and time in a more effortless and subtle way?

Is this possible?

Check out my video where I share some research from quantum physics that indicates this may be the way reality really works. Just a thought…


Leave a comment below and share what you think about this research, and how you can practically apply it to creating your own future and dreams.

Also if you’d like to take these ideas a step further and apply them in your own life, check out the Private Coaching package I’m now offering here.  For  a limited time, I’m offering Free Trial Sessions! You can book one now by emailing me at Christina@CoachingWithChristina.com.

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