Apr 192013


Do you ever feel like you’re waiting for things in your life to improve before you give yourself permission to feel great, relax, and enjoy?

If so, you’ll want to read and experience this!

Today I want to share with you a guest article by my dear friend and Law of Attraction Coach, Saskia Fokkink.I met her at Thrive Academy this past November and think she is amazing!

She has some great tips for changing your mindset in order to change your outer results AND a very generous offer to help you do this (keep reading!) :)

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Mar 262012

Okay, so you know the basics of creative visualization are getting into a relaxed state and then visualizing what you would like to happen. But once you get started, a whole bunch of other questions come up.

Like these that a reader recently asked me:

How long or how often should you practice creative visualization for it to work?

Is spending more time on creative visualization better or is there an amount of time that’s “good enough”?

What exactly should you visualize?

(By the way, if you’d like more information about the basic steps of using creative visualization, I share more in a four part series I wrote about detailed creative visualization here or you can sign up for my newsletter to get my free ebook Manifest Your Best Life: 5 Powerful Tools where I explain more.)

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Apr 142011

I had always known that living consciously was an important practice in my life, but I wasn’t always aware of how many things it could be applied to for life improvement.  One day, I sat down and made a list of all the things I work with people on in my coaching practice. I was looking for a common theme.

Once I looked at the list, it was very clear that living consciously is a theme that runs through all areas I use to improve my life and the lives of others

Here are the 7 Most Common areas where you can benefit from Living Consciously:

1)  Deep Relaxation

Many people are drawn to living consciously or mindfulness in order to cope better with anxiety. But even people who are not suffering from anxiety can increase their awareness about when they need to slow down and find a space for relaxation. This can be tough in our fast-paced culture!

There are dozens of meditation techniques for achieving deep relaxation.  If you try one and it doesn’t work for you, rest assured that there is surely one that will.

Techniques for relaxation often make us more anxious and restless at first. This is because anxiety is often the first emotion that comes up when you start to settle down. In fact, the more anxious you are, the busier you tend to be to distract yourself.

Would you like to feel a taste of deep relaxation right now?

Try this 3 Step Technique:

1)  Inhale while counting slowly to 4

2) Hold your breath while you count to 7

3)  Exhale while counting to 9

I find when I do this even just once, I feel much more relaxed!

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Dec 292010

The holidays are such a stressful time of year, because in addition to everything you normally have to do, suddenly there are so many more expectations. Some of them are pleasant, such as having more parties to attend or trips planned, and some are simply extra work involving locating gifts and cooking food.

Meditative techniques are a great way to de-stress and recharge, especially during a period when you feel you can’t afford to. You are sending your body and mind a message when you put off your to-dos and take care of yourself–that your health, well-being, and emotional experience are more important than your to-do list.

Since end of the year holidays also coincide with the New Year, why not use meditation at this time as an opportunity to set intentions for the New Year?

Remember that we are more likely to manifest our dreams when we have clear intentions, and these directed intentions are best produced in a relaxed states.

There are so many different meditative and visualization techniques that choosing a given technique can be overwhelming. It can be helpful to try a different one each day with the same goal in mind or just use only one for an extended period of time. Here is one technique to focus on for the holidays.

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