Feb 222013

If you’re looking for ways to advertise your services for free, I’d like to recommend a web site for you:


This is the web site where I got my second client lead after starting Coaching With Christina!

How’s that for awesome?

Here’s why I think this is a great resource if you are advertising a service:

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Feb 022013


Heart PurposeMy Journey

My belief is that each of us has a divine purpose that we come into this world with.

I had a sense of that when I was a child, a belief that I had planned certain aspects of my life before I had come into it—even that I had chosen certain family members and life challenges.

I believe I chose a purpose before coming into this life, and I believe you did too.

You might not share this belief, but I invite you to consider the idea that having a purpose linked to a higher calling gives much more meaning to every day. It gives more meaning to every interaction you have with others, and every action you take for your “work.”

I was a at a crossroads a few years ago, where I felt like I had to make a decision between my feeling of purpose as guide and my desire to create and be artistic (which was manifesting at the time with a desire to make bath and body products).

One night I had a dream that I was consulting with a spirit guide and I asked her which path I should take. I was expecting to feel judged for questioning and diverging from my strong conviction of being a guide.

But she was very understanding and what she said to me was “You can do anything as long as you are a guide.”

She was reinforcing my understanding that my feeling of purpose as guide was true, but that it didn’t mean I couldn’t be anything else or love doing anything else. And that sent me on my journey to find a way to bridge the two together, to be a guide and an artist.

In this article I want to share with you 2 reasons why I believe discovering your purpose is so challenging and 3 powerful exercises to help you figure out what your purpose is.

I hope this will allow you to be easier on yourself if you are feeling frustrated for not knowing what you truly want to do with your life. These are valid reasons and they are figure-outable ;)

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Jan 182013

profit from your purposeHey there!

How is 2013 going for you so far?

It’s crazy to realize I’ve actively been in business for about a year and a half now!

So with the start of 2013, I’m reevaluating my vision for my business and would love to share it with you. Needless to say, I’ll be making some changes here at Coaching With Christina.

Before I dive in with some insights for how you can profit from you purpose and live off your art in 2013, can I share my new vision with you?

It was about a year and a half ago when I really started my business in terms of having a regular blog and clients. I decided at that time to make my focus the Manifesting Process, because it was the topic I was most passionate about.  I felt that it fed into every area that I wanted to help people with—relationships, fears, and money/business.

After a year and a half of on line business, training with Thrive Academy, and working with new clients, I have decided to make the focus of my business geared more specifically towards helping creative entrepreneurs make money doing what they love.

I have always considered myself an artist (a painter, illustrator, writer, dancer, and sculptor just to name a few), so I know what it feels like to want to be free to pursue these endeavors and thrive doing it. 

Even as a Coach or psychologist (which I originally wanted to be), I feel like an artist, exploring the soul and life itself as a landscape and canvas. The idea of taking a vision for life (the greatest medium) and making it into a reality is the ultimate thrill for me. I love the challenge of holding space for a vision that doesn’t even seem possible in the current space of things.

So to work with creative people in the arts and other holistic practitioners that help people make their lives art in the way that I do feels natural to me. Most of the requests I get for LifeStyle Design Coaching come from creative people who are just starting their own businesses and looking for ways to make their passion their livelihood.

LifeStyle Design Coaching is about finding your purpose and finding a way to live your passion and make money from it. It means seeing what isn’t necessarily right in front of you and being on the lookout for the right opportunities to fit with your desires.

For example, one of the ways I have used the principles of LifeStyle Design in my own life is having the ability to work completely from home. Now I only leave my home to do something fun—no commutes, no hassles!

It wasn’t always clear how the choices I made would lead to my desire to work from home. But staying true to my vision and not compromising is what brought me here. *And* acting on opportunities as they arose, even when it required taking a big risk!

So that’s enough about my vision for 2013—now let’s talk about yours :)

Creating Your Vision: How You Can Profit From Your Purpose

1)      Start an On Line Business

So if you want to create your ideal living situation where you can be creative and make money without trading time for it—why not start an on line business?

It can be as small as selling crafts on Etsy for extra income (and who can’t use a little extra income?)  to completely taking the big leap into your own full-time business.

There has been no other time in history where you can sell a service or your art and reach as many people all over the world with little investment as you can today.

Think about how in the past, advertising would have to be in newspapers or magazines that were expensive and only a small subset of people could see them (the people who bought the newspaper who are local).

But if you put something on the Internet, people all over the world can see it any time.

And think about how hard it used to be to publish a book—how you had to find a publisher, split profits with the publisher, have little creative control, etc.

Now it is so easy to write a book on your computer, convert it to a PDF, and place it on your web site for a price you can keep in full, designed exactly the way you want.

It’s never been that easy before!

That’s why I really believe this is an amazing time in history for creative people. There are so many ways to get your art out into the world and make money from it even while you sleep.

2) Can I Really Do This? (Shifting Mindset…)

If you’re having thoughts come up like, “Well that sounds really awesome and all, but I don’t know if I can do that…I mean, I don’t have any business training or anything…” please know that this is normal and that this is just a limiting belief.

Don’t believe everything you think.

Starting an on line business does take learning some new skills and hard work.  But if the above statement is your only objection, you may want to explore this belief rooted in fear.

The truth is we all have this belief. I’m no different—I have it too sometimes. If you start asking around, you’ll realize that everyone has these thoughts creep up. But some of us take action anyway and don’t let these thoughts rule our lives and decide our fate.

Fear comes up a lot as a business owner. First there’s the evolutionary fear of rejection and competition. Even though we know we can’t “die” by competing with other people, we’re hard wired to think of the way things were in tribal times. Where competing with what someone else was doing in the tribe could end in death.

And then there’s the fear of rejection—what if nobody wants what I have to offer and everybody can see that?

This can become a way to play small. We tell ourselves if we *really* tried, we could probably do it, but we’re not really going to play full out and make the effort. This is ultimately a fear of failure.

But even more interesting and sinister, is the fear of success.

If you actually could manifest exactly what you want—a thriving business where you are making money doing exactly what you love, what would change for you?

What new challenges would there be?

Would you be afraid of your own power?

And the scariest—what if you did it and *then* failed and lost everything?

The secret is that you can take this very fear and channel it into your desire. And this is the process of manifesting. Do you see how it all ties together?

If you would like to work with me to explore how you can start a business (or grow one) to make money from you art and purpose and overcome limiting fears,  I have created some new Coaching Packages especially for you—click here to check them out.

Leave a comment and share some tips *you* have for profiting from your creative purpose.