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Sensitive QuizA Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) is someone who has a more sensitive nervous system than most. 15-20% of the population is considered Highly Sensitive and feels physical and emotional arousal more easily.

Have you ever wondered if you’re a Highly Sensitive Person, someone who truly does feel more than most?

Take this Quiz to find out! It was taken from researcher Elaine N. Aron’s book “The Highly Sensitive Person: How to Thrive When the World Overwhelms You.”

~ The Quiz ~

 Answer True or False to the following questions:The Highly Sensitive Person

1) I seem to be aware of subtleties in my environment.

2) Other peoples moods affect me.

3) I tend to be very sensitive to pain.

4) I find myself needing to withdraw during busy days into bed or into a  darkened

room or any place where I can have some privacy and relief from stimulation.

5) I am particularly sensitive to the effects of caffeine.

6) I am easily overwhelmed by things like bright lights, strong smells, coarse fabrics,

or sirens close by.

7) I have a rich, complex inner life.

8) I am made uncomfortable by loud noises.

9) I am deeply moved by the arts or music.

10) I am conscientious.

11) I startle easily.

12) I get rattled when I have a lot to do in a short amount of time.

13) When people are uncomfortable in a physical environment I tend to know what

needs to be done to make it more comfortable (like changing the lighting or the seating).

14) I am annoyed when people try to get me to do too many things at once.

15) I try hard to avoid making mistakes or forgetting things.

16) I make it a point to avoid violent movies and TV shows.

17) I become unpleasantly aroused when a lot is going on around me.

18) Being very hungry creates a strong reaction in me, disrupting my concentration or


19) Changes in my life shake me up.

20) I notice and enjoy delicate or fine scents, tastes, sounds, works of art.

21) I make it a high priority to arrange my life to avoid upsetting or overwhelming


22) When I must compete or be observed while performing a task, I become so nervous

or shaky that I do much worse than I would otherwise

23) When I was a child, my parents or teachers seemed to see me as sensitive or shy.



Here is what it said in the book about how to score this:

“If you answered true to twelve or more of the questions, you’re probably highly sensitive. But no psychological test is so accurate that you should base your life on it. If only one or two questions are true for you but they are extremely true, you may also be highly sensitive.” ~Elaine N. Aron

How did you find this quiz? Did it give you any insight into your own sensitivity?

My score was a 23 out of 23–all of these statements are true for me!

What’s your score? Leave a comment sharing yours and any insights you’ve gained :)




  10 Responses to “Could You Be a Highly Sensitive Person? Take the Quiz!”

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  7. Hi Christina,
    Thanks for sharing this resource. It is a fascinating topic. I wonder how this relates to people who have neurological disorders and learning disabilities. I will be getting a copy of this book. Have A Lovely Day! -Phyllis

    • Really great point, Phyllis! I’m curious about that too. I’m quite sure many people with neurological disorders (like traumatic brain injury) are more sensitive, because I’ve seen that to be true with clients I’ve worked with. I’m not so sure about special needs in general and how they might differ, but it’s a very good question. If I come across more related information, I will be sure to share!


  8. Dear Christina, thank you for sharing this quiz with us! It helped me realize that I am definitely a HSP – 20 statements are true for me. I look forward to reading your new posts for highly sensitive people.

    • Wow–we are pretty similar there! I am not surprised, though– I know this is your gift which makes you a talented Life Coach and Teacher, able to sense the needs of those around you and give them your attention fully. I can’t wait to share more and hope it’s helpful!


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