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Okay, you already know creative visualization is a powerful tool.

You know it’s a great way to get clarity about what you want and experience your desire before you try it out “for real.”

You also get that it’s supposed to generate a vibration to bring what you desire towards you…

But what if you’ve been trying and trying and it’s not working for you???

No need to fret–one possible solution here ;)

Today I want to introduce you to my guest poster and founder of The Prosperity Zone™ Patricia Gozlan. I met Patricia on a  Facebook group we’re both a part of called The Women of Facebook, a very supportive community of women entrepreneurs.

I felt an immediate connection with her and her message, and I know you will find what she has to say valuable as well.

She is a certified Coach in NLP (neurolinguistic programming) and is here today to explain one reason your creative visualization efforts may not be working as well as they could be.

Check out her video: How to Use Creative Visualization: Mistake #3


In this video I share the 3rd Most Common Mistake people make when using creative visualization to achieve their goals (to start with Mistake #1 click here).

The 3rd Mistake: Being Obsessed With the Results!

Sometimes, the more obsessed you are with a goal the less you believe you can achieve it.

You might actually be pushing away the desired result by trying to force something to happen…

In order to help yourself believe it and achieve it, one good tip is to start small.

By simply maintaining a mental picture of the desired result, you can trick your mind into thinking it has already been achieved and relax.

The key is to stay focused on your desires and surrender your attachment to the outcome.

If you are stuck in a plateau in your life or your business, you are invited to join Patricia’s list here:

Leave a comment below if you can relate to this mistake and please share any tips you have for improving your creative visualization practice!

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and What are the Exact Steps for Visualizing Healing and Change?

 Patricia Gozlan Patricia Gozlanis the founder of The Prosperity Zone™ and

L’ Officina della  Prosperita ™ site and system.

 She is a certified Coach in NLP and in energy psychology techniques. She also coaches in 5 languages.

 Patricia helps healers do the inner work to improve the outer work they are doing with their own clients, so they can prosper.

 Her approach is unique, because she connects  heart to heart in a healing way to open the flow of prosperity.

  20 Responses to “Creative Visualization Not Working for You? This Might Be Why…”

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  2. [...] Also for more information about mistakes using law of attraction, check out Patricia’s video How to Use Creative Visualization: Mistake #3 [...]

  3. [...] Creative Visualization Not Working for You? This Might Be Why… [...]

  4. So true that obsession with a goal can become a block. Starting small and proceeding with daily steps, yes. It must be believable AND we must take action toward the visualization regularly while we relax about the outcome. Inspiring and thought-provoking post.

    • Thank you Carolan for your comment.
      Being obsessed about a goal has the effect of creating a negative energetic pendulum that pushes the goal away from us.
      letting go of the burning desire of achieving the goal while being 100% confident the goal has been achieved in the here and now is key to manifesting easily more of what we love.

  5. Being realistic as we visualize our goals is essential for a successful outcome at the proper time. I like how Patricia brakes it down through easy steps to understand the concept and implement it. Thanks Christina for posting this valuable guide for avoiding the obsession and demands of society to have instant end-results.

    • Hi Delmy,

      Yes I absolutely agree! While it’s theoretically possible to get instant results, often these things take time (and that’s okay). In our society, we tend to feel like there is something wrong if we don’t get answers or results right away. I’m so glad this is coming through loud and clear in Patricia’s message!


    • Thank you Delmy.
      The mind needs easy steps to collaborate with us towards our goals.
      Overwhlem happens when the mind is overloaded with too much information that WE give it out of fear.
      No wonder we procrastinate;)

  6. Well said – I’ve been a fan of Patricia’s for a long time. There’s so much more to visualization that most people realize – I think that’s one of the issues I have with the original Secret. So many people took away from that all you have to do is think hard enough about what you want and ta da! I really like Patricia’s tips, and can see where this approach would make a huge difference. Thanks!

    • Hi Marty,
      I am so happy to see you here, thank you so much for your kind comment!
      Visualization as explained by Jose Silva is complete and helps us create miracles.
      I have used his method since more than 20 years now and I can tell miracles can happen to all of us when we know how to master this fun tool;)
      Hope to see you soon online…

  7. I love the tip to start small, and behind that tip is the idea of starting. I think visualization works, only if it is followed up by action!

    Yes the first step may be small and as long as you are moving towards what you want, the steps get bigger and better!

    • Hi Arla,

      Yes, I love that tip too of starting small–Patricia really knows how to break the process of creative visualization down in a simple way. I’m glad this post has been helpful!


    • “Every day in every way I’m getting better and better”.
      This is a hypnotic affirmation that feeds both the unconscious mind as well as the conscious mind.
      No conflict and the goals are achieved because we take one step at the time.
      Thank you Arla, nice to meet you on Christina’s blog!

  8. Starting small is great advice. I’ve seen a lot of visualization experts advise people to “go for the gold” so to speak in their visualization. “Imagine earning a million dollars… what would you do with it?” Or “Imagine a stadium filled with people who have come just to hear you speak.”

    This sounds good and can help people fell inspired in the short term, but I haven’t seen it work. And I think it’s because the goal seems to unattainable.

    When I broke through my personal money barrier, I didn’t do it by imagining earning a million bucks. I did it by setting a goal of replacing my largest ever paycheck (from a job) with income earned solely from my business. And then grew that dream from there.

    You didn’t learn to walk by focusing on entering a marathon; you did it by taking one step at a time. And you don’t earn a million bucks at once; you do it one dollar at a time. Focus on the step right in front of you and before you know it, you’ll be exactly where you want to go.

    • Thanks Lesa for your kind comment.
      We did not know how to run a marathon when we were born, yes!
      It takes the right mindset and action before realizing our dreams.
      Visualization by itself is not enough this is one of the misunderstanding of the book ” The Secret”
      In my blog I have many posts explaining what visualization can and cannot do.

  9. I love Patricia! I had the pleasure to have a session with her a few months ago…At that time, my new website and business was still just a thought…I visualized what I wanted it to be…and now it’s real! We can get amazing results if we avoid obsessing about the results of our visualization… As Patricia says…”Sometimes, the more obsessed you are with a goal the less you believe you can achieve it”. and that’s so true.

    Thank you for sharing Patricia’s insights with us Christina!


    • Hi Nathalie,

      Wow–I didn’t know you two had worked together! I love how we are all connected :) I’m so happy to hear that you had great results from Patricia’s suggestions–your new web site really does look amazing! Thank you for sharing that–I’m sure other people will find your story inspiring too, as I do.


    • Hi Nathalie,
      What a beautiful surprise to see you here, we are all friends on Facebook and seeing you here feels great indeed.
      The fear of not being enough or not having enough is often hidden behind the obsession to achieve a goal.
      It is the fear( s) that needs to be healed so that everything can fall in place with grace, ease and joy!
      See you soon online Nathalie!

  10. I just started visualization exercises and I love the idea of starting small.

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