Aug 122012

Back in May, I wrote an article called “Transitions” for my friend Candy’s blog I’m Looking Fabulous. It’s about my own personal journey with transition and I share some helpful tips there about how to deal. Check out the full article here. :)

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  1. Great post! If you welcome transition it will become familiar to you. What can you say about the use of affirmations in accepting change?

    • Thank you Lorii! I think affirmations are helpful, but it’s important to ease into them. We face a lot of inner resistance when we say things that we don’t feel to be true at first. It helps to state that you are in the process of a specific change or that you are holding the intention for a shift to occur (ex. I intend to embrace my beauty and experience more self-love). Hope that helps!

  2. Dear Christina,

    It is true how just getting ready and doing your hair and makeup (or putting on jewelry which i prefer to make up) can make you feel special in times of change and increased stress. Taking time for yourself does get forgotten but it is even more important in these times! Thanks, Jennfier xxx

    • Hi Jennifer,

      I love that–putting on jewelery always makes me feel great! It doesn’t even have to be fancy jewelery. Just the experience of picking out something that matches my mood and hoping others will enjoy is such a simple pleasure.


  3. Great insights on dealing with change!

  4. Thanks for sharing!! Happy #FF

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