Oct 012012

Do you ever feel frustrated, because things in your life aren’t the way you wish they were?

I know what that feels like, because I feel that way too sometimes. Sometimes I get frustrated when I look around and see a disconnect between what I wish was true, and what I actually see in my life.

But then I remember a really powerful tool that has brought me my desires in the past and never stops working. It has worked so many times for me, and yet sometimes I *still* need to remind myself to use this tool, because it’s so counterintuitive.

Do you want to know what it is?

The trick is to live as if your dreams and desires are *already* true!

That means saying you’re going to take that vacation even if you’re just dreaming about it. I spontaneously started saying I was going to go to Iraq on holiday one summer (I have no idea why), and within a few weeks, received an invitation to go to Iraq on holiday!

When I make it a point to indulge in a nice dinner off and on and window shop in expensive stores, more opportunities start to flow in, financial and otherwise (instead of just out).

When I’ve allowed myself to be loved and seen, that is when love shows up.

I think it really is about giving yourself *permission* to receive and nurturing the small ways your desires start coming to you, rather than focusing on where they’re not and getting frustrated.

So you might be wondering: What is the difference between doing this and people who are all talk and no action? Or people who spend a lot of money irresponsibly even if they don’t have any?

Well, for manifesting to work, a few things need to be in balance.

Consider that if you had exactly the amount of money you wanted, you probably would splurge a little more on some things. You might go out to eat a fancy meal more often, take a vacation, get a massage, etc. But if you are irresponsible with your money and don’t respect it, it won’t last long no matter how much you have. You are *always* going to have to think about spending wisely. Living as if you already have the amount of money you want is about visualizing and feeling that it’s already true for you. And maybe even splurging on an extravagance so you can *really* feel it. But this is not about being wasteful or “all talk.” Ever.

So try this. As soon as you wake up in the morning, imagine that the three most important areas of your life are exactly the way you want them to be: Your Wealth, Health, and Love.

Make every decision (how you interact with others, what you choose to wear, how you schedule your day, how you respond to stress) as if your biggest dreams are already true. Feel the difference.

If something comes up for you that makes you feel sad, feel it deeply and fully. This is not about pretending to be happy when you’re not. This is about *creating*. Instead of resisting the present moment with frustration, you are aligning with it and surrendering to it, because you are imagining and creating it.

It’s important to allow darker emotions to come up and not sugarcoat them. But if what you’re feeling is frustration and resistance to your present experience, this is a red flag. Do what you have to do to acknowledge your frustration. Maybe you need to vent a little bit or take some deep breaths…

And then come back to the present and remember that there is creative potential in the Now. Live as if all of your dreams are real in the moment, as if they’re a Done Deal even if you can’t see them all.

If you’re struggling with this concept, consider that we *already* do this in a way that’s a little irrational. We act as if we have the home we have and the people we know are in our lives, even when we’re away from them and don’t know for sure that we still have them in the moment. Accidents happen, people get angry and pull away, and yet we always act as if things in our lives are exactly as we left them, unless we hear or see otherwise. We already pretend and create a construct of our reality and lives all the time.

Consider choosing consciously how you want to experience your life in this moment and what you have. Don’t wait for some time in the future.

Remember that it’s all a State of Mind :)

Leave a comment and share any experiences you’ve had with trying this technique or any suggestions about how to *really feel* as if your desires are already true.

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  1. [...] business in terms of having a regular blog and clients. I decided at that time to make my focus the Manifesting Process, because it was the topic I was most passionate about.  I felt that it fed into every area that I [...]

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  2. What we think about we bring about! Thanks for the reminder! Definatley have some work to do is this area!

    Gratitude Coach

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  3. I love living “As If” It just feels more rich and exciting.

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  4. Thankyou for sharing these wonderful ways to manifest dreams and make them reality. Your words remind me of the saying you are what you think. If you constantly feed negativism into your life you get negativity. Feeding positivity into your life will give you positive reactions. I also was once told that our brain can only handle small amounts of things at a time and it becomes what we feed it.

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    • Hi Amanda,

      Yes that is a really good point! It is true that our brains can only hold a small amount of information at one time. I have never thought about that in relation to these concepts, but it really makes sense! That is why we really can’t be relaxed and anxious at the same time. Remembering this is really empowering when you realize how simple making a switch from one type of thought to another can be. Thank you for that perspective!


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  5. Great post and some interesting ideas that you share too. What we focus on is always what we attract and when we know that we can have what we want and we make a real decision that we will achieve it and not simply believe it – magic starts to happen.

    Love the three tips for waking up in the morning and thinking how you would be acting, thinking, doing

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  6. State of mind is state of life, yes Christina, when we believe we deserve, we can it is possible and easy then manifestation is immediate;)
    Thanks for your wonderful tips shared here, hope to catch up with you soon;)

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    • Thank you Patricia! I love what you said about manifestation being immediate–it is so true! No matter what happens for the highest good, the feeling of the experience is there in the moment. Thank you so much for sharing and inspiring, and great to see you here! :)


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  7. Hi Christina,

    Great post. It is true that happiness and good attracts the same. Getting into this frame of mind for some reason also lets you look at the not so good in a different light and you can still turn it around to be good.

    Have a great day. Monna

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    • Yes, Mona that is so true! Changing your frame of mind really does change your “story”. Thank you for sharing your insight and have a great day as well!


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  8. For years my husband and I have talked about a house at the lake, but we just seemed to be talking about it. Which was fine, it was a nice dream, but other things got in the way. Then, earlier this year we lost someone who was very dear to us – quite suddenly and unexpectedly. It sure got our attention about life being too short. We started to really talk about what was standing in our way of being at the lake right now: and guess what, we close on the lake house in two weeks. What was getting in the way wasn’t really the finances, it was our willingness to agree that we needed to stop planning and start doing.

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    • Kim,

      That is amazing–thank you so much for sharing that story! It really touched my heart, and it makes me a little sad to think about how the reasons we don’t live our dreams is different than the reasons we tell ourselves. I’m starting to realize that it really is more about allowing and giving ourselves permission. Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful inspiration and good luck settling in to the house! :)


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  9. A very good one. Let me try.

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