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Have you ever thought about how your own experience of your life is like living in your own art?

I remember when I first thought about my life that way. It was around the time I was 12 or 13, the time when your life truly changes and starts to feel a little bit more like being an adult and less like being a child.

When the focus shifts away from weekend sleepovers and playing with games and toys and starts to be more about going out on the weekends and at least thinking about dating, if not actually dating. It’s when you start to realize that you do have a sense of control over things and how you want your life to be.

That new and sudden realization that you can change your life in an instant with one decision becomes clear.  Maybe it’s saying yes to spending time with new friends or saying yes to being invited on a trip, even if you feel anxious about leaving your comfort zone.  It’s that sense of realizing that you can take risks and be the orchestrator of your life in a big way for the first time. And the best part about realizing this at that age, is that you’re not scared.There’s a feeling of invincibility, as if the decisions don’t really matter,which is both true and false.

I remember diving into this feeling and seeing myself as the heroine of my own life.  I imagined that my life was a movie and everyone watching it really cared what was happening to me and was rooting for me.  It also meant that I was highly conscious of how I looked, how I dressed, how I felt, and how I interacted with others.  I didn’t know who I really was yet at that age, so sometimes I took on the persona of friends or celebrities that I admired, when I went out with my friends and experimented with different roles. It’s a way of being that disappears when you when you “lose” yourself, the way you can lose yourself in an unhealthy relationship or by working too hard and not playing or relaxing enough.

As an artist, I also had a desire to feel art that I loved more completely and immerse myself in it. I found myself wanting to live in a film scene that I loved or in a song or a painting.  What I realized is that the ultimate artistic perception and immersion is the direct experience of life, consciousness, and emotion.  It’s how you feel about the art. And while all art forms are beautiful, they are not even necessary for this process.  All you need to do is be the creator of your experience moment by moment and experience that as art.

Here are some questions for provoking how you can live your experience as art:

1)  What do I love?  What themes do I love and want to bring into my dream experience? How can I surround myself with them?


2)  How can I use the manifesting process to create the situations and dreams that I have for my life?


3) What is my current challenge as the heroine (or hero) of my life?


Leave a comment below and share:

1) How you can make your life art–in any way at all, be creative!

2) Your current challenge as heroine/hero in your story


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  6 Responses to “Make Your Life a Work of Art”

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  2. I very much enjoyed your article Christina, especially the way you use questions to get readers thinking. Questions are such powerful personal growth tools and can be used in so many ways to develop greater self awareness. Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. Love this article, Christina. And how amazing you started manifesting on purpose at that age. My son manifested ‘just the right kind of hairgel’, deliberatly ;) Those young people can be so amazing… anyway…

    I just wanted to say that, even though this is a natural process, I must have lost it somewhere when growing up. But I’m glas I ‘remebered’ it when I turned 30 so my life could change and I could start peinting my life as well…

    Great writing and have a lovely weekend!

    • Thank you, Linda! I do think this process is something we tend to forget and come back to.

      That is so awesome that your son manifested the right hair gel for him–love it! lol :)

      Have a lovely weekend as well,


  4. Christina just reading your blog is amazing because I do feel like I have entered the world of my dreams as I read these words, since if I could dream of anything it would be a life like the one you describe.

    People I HAVE known this girl since she was thirteen and this stuff she’s saying WILL help you put your life together!!!! beleive you me, it really REAKLLY works.

    • Hey Laura,

      Thank you so much for saying that! I’m so glad this is inspiring–I had so much fun writing about it. You were *so* there at this awakening point in my life and such a big part of it. I miss dreaming and creating with you!!!

      <3 <3 <3,


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