Jun 272013

Have you ever heard the saying: “Sleep on it and you’ll feel better in the morning“?

Well it’s true– a good night sleep full of restorative dreams makes everything seem easier to deal with…

It’s also an opportunity to tap into your intuition to solve problems and arrive at creative solutions. You may even receive additional information you don’t have access to as easily in waking life.

In this video, I share 3 Steps for using what I call Night Magic, or Dreamwork  to receive inspiration and answers to assist you with whatever your heart is working through…

My 3 Steps for Night Magic Dreamwork to Solve Problems & Create Solutions for Your Heart:

Step 1: Keep a dream journal by your bed

Step 2: Write down a question you have

Step 3: Use creative visualization before you go to sleep

*Don’t expect to receive an answer or a solution in one night–it can take time!

If you’re struggling with the creative visualization piece, be sure to check out these helpful posts:

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It all starts with intention–leave a comment below and share how you will use these 3 steps to solve a problem or gain insight. Also, if you’ve used dreamwork before, please share your experience.


  11 Responses to “Night Magic: Create Solutions in Your Dreams”

  1. [...] distance can be intentionally used to solve problems or see situations more clearly, much like dreamwork.  So I’m calling this process “vacation work” here and I definitely used it [...]

  2. Hi Christina:

    You are a professional giant. Your teachings/ observations/ writings are very useful and I also practicing it regularly and much benefitted from it. thank you.

  3. Great video and tips Christina. I used to do this and then started something else and forgot about it. Will need to start doing it again. Thanks for the great reminder.

  4. Thank you for the steps. A great reminder that we have access to all we seek. Especially answers! :)

  5. Oh! I love that…I am actually using a similar technique with a dream passion journal where I paint my dreams. I like your version with asking questions and staying consistent with it.

    • Hi Nathalie–I love that idea of painting dreams! That’s something I will have to explore…


  6. Hey Christina! I’ve always believed in the power of our dreams to help us as it has me. I don’t always remember to keep a journal beside my bed – my bad! I never thought of writing down my question before going to sleep so thank you for that valuable tip.

    • Hi Line,

      I don’t always keep a journal by my bed either–sometimes I have an amazing dream and run to find my journal and write it down. Other times I deliberately don’t put it by my bed, because I just want to rest and not ask any questions on a particular night. But it is a good habit for setting intentions and remembering dreams!


  7. This is a fascinating way to activate the Reticular Activating System part of the brain. The part of the brain that looks for whatever you tell it to find.

    • Hi Michele,

      Thank you for mentioning that–I didn’t realize the Reticular Activating System is the area of the brain responsible for this. Very interesting as I know it’s the part of the brain that makes us feel awake…Knowing this will give me a lot to think about–like how it might be connected to lucid dreams and intuition as well as wakefulness and consciousness :) Very cool!


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