Jul 092012

Welcome to my Make Your Dreams Come True This Summer Series! :)

I am in the process of creating something very special to share with you at the end of the summer–basically something to do with getting closer to achieving any dream you have or simply getting closer to living your dream life.

For the rest of the summer, I’ll be sharing 4 Basic Steps for getting closer to your dream, including resources from my good friend (and former Life Coach) Celestine Chua, writer at Personal Excellence (www.PersonalExcellence.co).

Celestine has been a huge believer and motivator in me pursuing my dreams, and her web site is a wealth of valuable information accessible to all of us–and it’s free!

Besides, what better time is there than Summer to start dreaming about beautiful things to come?

Here’s a breakdown of what I’ll be covering this Summer:

Part I: The Beginning of Your Dream/Planting the Seed/The Blank Canvas

Part II: Growing Your Dream/Spinning the Web

Part III: Taking a Stand and Stepping Up: Using a Left Hemisphere Action Oriented Approach

Part IV: Being Receiving and Allowing: Using a Right Hemisphere Being Oriented Approach

So without further ado, here is my first video Part I: The Beginning of Your Dream

Be sure to check out these articles at PersonalExcellence.co:

How to Start When You Have Nothing

How Are You Faring in Your Life Now? The Life Wheel

Using the Life Wheel to Live Your Best Life Video

Leave a comment below and share your dream! Also feel free to leave your favorite tip for getting started on a new dream, so we can all learn more ways to empower ourselves :)

Check out the next video in the series Get Clarity on Your Dream (and What to Do if You’re Not Clear Yet)

  12 Responses to “Part I: The Beginning of Your Dream”

  1. [...] If you want to start at the beginning, you can check out the first video here. [...]

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  2. [...] I’ve decided to make it all text rather than video for a change of pace (and to give those of you who have trouble accessing video a break ).  If you haven’t seen my first two videos yet, you can start by watching the first one here. [...]

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  3. So far I found it very useful. thanks

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  4. [...] In the last video, I shared with you some tips on how to get started making a dream come true when you are truly at the very beginning, looking at a blank slate. If you haven’t watched that video yet, go back and watch that one first here. [...]

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  5. Thank you! I really appreciate your feedback :) You are all making me feel so *inspired*!

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  6. Love this, Christina! It feels like you’re smiling the whole time you write. I imagine you help your clients reach their highest potential always! xo

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  7. Hello Christina, What a wonderful program you are putting together. I just L O V E your videos and what you are creating about our dreams. Venturing into new territories can be scary but I agree with you that when we are aligned in the direction of our dreams, we do have what we need to carry us to the next step. Surrounding ourselves with guides and people that can help us is key…Great share! ~ Nathalie

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  8. Seems like its going to be interesting! Can’t beat moving toward your dreams!


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  9. Hi Debi! Thank you for watching and I’m so glad this is helpful :)

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  10. Awesome stuff you’ve got going here for those of us who what to keep progressing toward our dreams. Appreciate the time you’ve taken to break it down and share it with us. I’ve bookmarked it so I can keep checking back because I’m focused on helping women like myself love who they are even as they age. Sometimes it can get hard as your body starts to experiences changes.

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