Sep 032012

Welcome to Part IV in my Make Your Dream Come True This Summer Series!

This is the last part, as summer is now coming to a close and I have something special to share with you :)

If you want to start at the beginning, you can check out the first video here.

Last time, I talked about Taking Action which is really important if you want to create anything in life. Two of the biggest things that stop us from seeing our dreams come true are not taking action at all (because of fear maybe) or focusing too much on taking action at the expense of relaxation and allowing.

There are other factors that are really important for realizing our dreams–such as how we think and feel about our desires, and the decisions we make.

In fact, here’s a crazy thought: What if the future can trickle back and affect our present simply based on decisions we make?

What if you can attract opportunities across space and time in a more effortless and subtle way?

Is this possible?

Check out my video where I share some research from quantum physics that indicates this may be the way reality really works. Just a thought…


Leave a comment below and share what you think about this research, and how you can practically apply it to creating your own future and dreams.

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For free additional resources related to the “non-doing” aspect of setting intentions, check out these recommended articles at my friend Celes’s blog Personal Excellence:

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  5 Responses to “Part IV: Can the Future Influence Your Present?”

  1. Awesome post! I joined a Quantum Success meetup group and it has been so fun and insightful. I love all of the new information about quantum physics we have access to today. I cannot pretend to understand the entirety of the subject….heck, there are scientists who study quantum physics who are still trying to grasp the sub-atomic world. Love it. Love it. Love it. Thank you.

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    • Hi Suzanne, I’m so glad this is helpful and interesting–it’s great to know other people are finding empowerment in this with me! :)

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  2. Wow Christina, this was a powerful post – really got me thinking about how the universe works.

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  3. Hi Christina, OMG! That was some information! I must admit, while some of it went over my head, and I know it’s normal, I get it…I like to keep an open mind. That way I can I a fresh approach to concept that might seem a little out there…for me it just flows…take some leave some. Thanks, I will read these articles you shared with us…there are one in particular that resonates with me. Ciao for now!

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    • Hi Nathalie, I’m so glad you enjoyed the video! I really hope it wasn’t too confusing–I don’t understand all the physics details myself either, but I *love* the concepts that quantum physics can lend to thinking about personal development so much. Hope it resonates! :)


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