Jun 272013

Have you ever heard the saying: “Sleep on it and you’ll feel better in the morning“?

Well it’s true– a good night sleep full of restorative dreams makes everything seem easier to deal with…

It’s also an opportunity to tap into your intuition to solve problems and arrive at creative solutions. You may even receive additional information you don’t have access to as easily in waking life.

In this video, I share 3 Steps for using what I call Night Magic, or Dreamwork  to receive inspiration and answers to assist you with whatever your heart is working through…

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Mar 262012

Okay, so you know the basics of creative visualization are getting into a relaxed state and then visualizing what you would like to happen. But once you get started, a whole bunch of other questions come up.

Like these that a reader recently asked me:

How long or how often should you practice creative visualization for it to work?

Is spending more time on creative visualization better or is there an amount of time that’s “good enough”?

What exactly should you visualize?

(By the way, if you’d like more information about the basic steps of using creative visualization, I share more in a four part series I wrote about detailed creative visualization here or you can sign up for my newsletter to get my free ebook Manifest Your Best Life: 5 Powerful Tools where I explain more.)

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Oct 312011

Visualization TipsFor the past month, I’ve been thinking about the question:

~How detailed do your visualizations need to be in order to be effective?~

My own personal experiences taught me that it doesn’t really matter–both detailed and general approaches work!

But very detailed visualizations can get sticky if they involve circumstances outside of the Self. I found this sentiment echoed by other people who shared their knowledge about visualization and manifesting.  Taking all of it together, it seemed that general might be the way to go. Being general allows more possibilities to complete your end result and keeps you from getting too attached to the details.

But the research I found on visualization surprised me–it seems to be more in favor of making visualizations detailed and specific.


Of course, the research I found was limited to visualizations that involve only the Self, such as visualizing a specific healing process, improving physical performance, or changing personal habits (like becoming more extroverted).

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Oct 252011

One of the side effects of going to school for psychology is that I’ll probably always want to do a literature search to answer any lingering questions I have about behavior even if I don’t have to hand in a term paper and no one is going to be checking my references. :)

But the main reason for it is–wouldn’t it be amazing to have actual evidence that there are techniques that really work for manifesting?

Sometimes we have a hard time developing habits for things that we already know will work (like exercise)–but with something like manifesting it can be even harder, because it’s somewhat ephemeral, and we’re not even really sure what *it* is, even if we know it is a process.

So that’s what this post is all about.  After sharing what my personal experiences have taught me and those of others, I want to share with you what the research shows.

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Oct 182011

Shakti Gawain: Getting Clear

The first book I ever read on manifesting and visualization was Shakti Gawain’s Creative Visualization. It’s still my favorite book on the topic, and one of the most influential books I’ve ever read.

I’ve read the book again and again many different times, and the overall feeling that I come away with is that a preference in approach regarding how detailed a visualization or a specific desire should be is not given. There is definitely a warning not to force anything and not to be too attached to the outcome.  If anything, my impression is that the more detailed and specific you are, the better.

I did find one statement while I was flipping through it again where Shakti says that once she has a very clear, strong intention to create a particular thing, it manifests almost immediately (often within hours or days of getting clear about it) with very little effort involved. She goes on to say this is the case after a great deal of time and energy processing before the clarity needed to be worked through is achieved.

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