May 092014

Meditation 1

Highly sensitive people *especially* benefit from taking time the to meditate, because it offers a break from too much sensory stimulation, and the space to be at peace with what is left over.  It is one of the most powerful tools available (and free!) for creating a life of magic and miracles, while on the journey to fulfilling the soul’s purpose.

Check out my video with meditation teacher and yogi Steven Inghram. We’re talking about using the Buddhist Four Radiant Abodes as a meditation practice, and how meditation can make you a *more* sensitive person while also helping you to be truly present with your sensitivity.

Plus I share my own emotional experience, after taking a meditation class with him!


Here is a practical summary table of the Four Radiant Abodes meditation practice Steven is talking about in the video. The idea is to meditate on these topics while mentally focusing on the related phrases:

4 Radiant Abodes PhotoAnd here is the poem I mention in the video. I wrote this as a reminder to myself to return to a state of mind of relaxation and bliss when I forget:

Backyard Poem 2

Does meditation help you manage your sensitivity? Please leave a comment and share!

  4 Responses to “Why Meditation is So Helpful for Highly Sensitive People”

  1. Christina, I sit quietly early every day to commune with my heavenly PAPA. It sets the pace and direction for the day and provides the creativity necessary to do what I do. Thank you for sharing about mediation (I call it prayer, but it’s much the same thing) and confirming what I’ve come to know over the last 31+ years.



    • Hi Linda,

      I enjoy that practice as well and agree that it’s the same thing, just explained a little differently. Love that we can recognize that and have a shared experience underneath the different “packaging”!


  2. I try to start each day with a meditation. When I’m rushed and can’t fit it in, it throws my whole day off. “May your heart and mind be open and expansive” – favorite!

    • I completely agree! And I love that phrase too–especially the opportunity to hold that wish for others. It can be a relief to take the focus off the Self!

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