Jan 052013

There are so many ways to make plans for the New Year—New Year’s resolutions being the one we think about most.

I think New Year’s Resolutions have gotten a bad rap because we tend to think about them as being unrealistic goals that we’re really excited about at first…and then we get burned out and forget about them as the year goes on.

Maybe it’s just a matter of approaching the desire for change in a different way?

I’d rather create a simple vision that will give me a lot of satisfaction when I look back on how the year went…

Click Play below to hear my process for creating a simple and revolutionary vision for 2013.

Oh and make sure you watch until the end because I’m offering a free gift for a limited time to help you create YOUR revolutionary plan!


This is my comfy velvet meditation/manifesting chair and some books I read for inspiration:


Leave a comment and share your simple and revolutionary vision *or* a tip for our community–everyone works differently, so the more ideas the better!

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  5 Responses to “Your Guide to Creating a Vision for 2013”

  1. Hi Christina:

    New Year and New Vision are fine.

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  2. [...] with the start of 2013, I’m reevaluating my vision for my business and would love to share it with you. Needless to say, I’ll be making some changes [...]

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  3. Wonderful video blog! I really like the idea of the wall calendar and blocking the year out 3 months at a time! :) Thanks so much!

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  4. Love the idea of only setting 3 goals and then using a Year calendar to keep a visual on the goal. ~Namaste

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