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Christina Mattschei is a Conscious Life and Business Coach, Psychotherapist, and Spiritual Guide who has helped hundreds of people transform their limiting beliefs and live fully conscious lives. She is a powerfully sensitive luminary and author of “Manifest Your Best Life: 5 Powerful Tools.”

~ About This Space ~

Welcome! My blog is a space for sensitives—intuitives, creatives, and anyone who values living authentically, even if it means being different.

What I Do

I work with holistic practitioners and freelance artists to help them make make money following their passion and fully embody their purpose on this planet. Since many of my clients are Highly Sensitive People (HSPs), I help them acknowledge and accept this and develop an empowering action plan to make their dreams come true without feeling drained and overwhelmed in the process. I support people in accepting and becoming who they truly already are. As an intuitive, I encourage my clients to use their intuition when making decisions and strengthen their intuitive skills.

My Story

As a sensitive child, I knew from an early age that I wanted to do something that involved working as a guide and healer for people, incorporating creativity like writing and art. At the time, I thought that meant I would become a psychologist.

Part of what drew me to the study of psychology was that I was very sensitive to stress and fear. I experienced a lot of anxiety growing up and digestive issues that were stress related, leaving me underweight with a limited diet.

I was eager to learn how the mind and emotions worked—I wanted to understand myself, find the right tools for coping, and share them to empower others.

grit sageWhen I was 13, I visited a curandero (a traditional Mexican healer) with my family. He read my cards, performed a series of cleansing rituals, and gave me advice on how to reframe my thoughts. And then he invited me to study with him and become a curandera myself!

I didn’t know it at the time, but I was later told that is the age when a healer is traditionally invited to study the healing arts as a rite of passage. I was flattered by the offer, but ended up declining, since I didn’t speak Spanish and lived in another state at the time.

In college, I studied psychology as planned and spent seven years working as a Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapist. I became fascinated with neuropsychology, and how the brain affects behavior. I understood the cognitive difficulties my clients were facing (many had traumatic brain injuries or psychiatric diagnoses like schizophrenia, anxiety,and depression) and provided solutions for maximizing their strengths and building new pathways in the brain.

But I wanted to learn more. The two biggest desires I had were to go to graduate school for psychology and find love. As Fate would have it, both came in at the same time…

I started graduate school studying neuropsychology around the same time I began a new relationship. My boyfriend at the time was a successful business owner, and I learned a lot about running a business just by being around him. Being in a relationship with him, my graduate school experience was different than most. Between studying the brain and how hormones affect cognition, I was traveling with him all over the world meeting many successful coaches and entrepreneurs.  We spent time in Germany where I got to reconnect with my father’s home country being a German citizen myself, travelled to Iraq in the midst of the war, and even visited Richard Branson’s Necker Island after graduation.

grit necker islandBy the end of my graduate studies, I was at a crossroads–not sure if I wanted to continue on with a doctorate in psychology or start a business of my own. My boyfriend was very supportive of me starting my own business, and while I was in graduate school, I founded an on-line company selling natural cosmetics called Botanic Boutique.

But as graduate school came to an end, our relationship ended as well. I had felt the end coming and we parted peacefully, but I remember feeling completely disoriented. I didn’t have a job and I had to move back in with my parents. In many ways, I had to start my life over from scratch.

I was fortunate to quickly get a job working for Fortune 500 company United Health Group and continued to run Botanic Boutique, but everything I had learned from those coaches I met inspired me…grit sacred space

I realized I was ready to step into the vision I had been holding for myself and in the Fall of 2011, I started my business as an Intuitive Life Coach and Conscious Business Coach. It hasn’t always been easy, but I am very grateful for my experiences and have been enjoying every step of this journey!

To learn more about my Coaching practice and work with me, check out my Coaching page or email me at Christina@CoachingWithChristina.com. It is my honor to support you in your rite of passage and to make money following your passion!

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