May 042013

Have you ever had a synchronicity experience (you know, like a very bizarre coincidence) and wondered if it was a message trying to tell you something?

Like maybe which path to take with your career or relationship?

If you’ve been looking for a new perspective and how it can relate to making a decision, this video is for you!

I believe these synchronicity experiences are significant and worth investigating, but it *can* be dangerous to interpret them the wrong way.

In this video I share with you the *safest* place to start and what all synchronicity experiences have in common (it may not be what you think!)



Leave a comment below and share your synchronicity experience ( I really, really love to hear these!)

Let me know if this perspective changes how you view your experience :)

By the way, the book I mention: Synchronicity: The Art of Coincidence, Choice, and Unlocking Your Mind by Dr. Kirby Surprise is here if you want to check it out.

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  2. [...] Then comes my favorite part–the actual manifesting in the manifesting process. This is something empaths tend to be quite good at. We tend to have a greater sense of our intuition that we can use to co-create our desires in synchronous ways. [...]

  3. I am so happy to have come across this website, now I know that I am no going crazy.
    Here are my chain of events,
    If I met a guy and there is a romance interest the following happenings,
    I will constantly here his name anywhere and everywhere and even the name
    This will be a conversation with or without me over hearing, turning on the radio, in the shop or at work. Once the love interest continues I will hear the name of home address, as someone’s surname, someone yelling out the name is the street, a song the name of the city or street, etc
    Then for whatever reasons the love interest dies and the whole cycle would draw to a halt.
    These love interest does not necessarily develop into an intimate relationship.
    I noticed this happens constantly, the only way I could describe the whole experience was like ‘spiritual harassment’ or being ‘under a spiritual radar’ looking at any potential relationship that I could have this is the only way I could describe it. Once the love interest dissolves the coincidences would stop, as though it never happened.
    Some Examples:
    A love interest with a very unusual name rang me one evening to share in feelings with me, the next a lady walked into my workplace with the very same usual name.
    I deliberately refused to call a potential love interest by his first name, so I would address him by his surname only and the same coincidences would occur and I would never hear his surname, but only his surname.
    Another person his name was so over the place that a customer came in and his surname was the name of the love interest home address.
    Another time I invented a man and give him a name, and the same coincidences happened, however, it just died down after about 6 weeks.
    Before any of these interest could develop into a relationship there seems to be an invisible intensity then the friendship dissolves.
    This has been going on for a while, I felt as if someone had done witchcraft, as I cannot seem to point my finger on the meaning.
    18 months I met someone who was a love interest and I took the plunge and develop a relationship, however, I would not mention his name, I would address him as Mr and Sir (he found me addressing him that way humorous) for at least 15 months. However, we use to experience strange looks from people whom neither of us knew. The facial expressions would be showing a look of confusion, as to imply who is he, or I didn’t know they were together or how are they together. We would both recognise this bizarre from some people who did not actually know us. This is the only way I can describe the experience. Anyway, the last 3 months, I started to address him by his first name.
    Wow! The coincidences seem to be spiralling out control, his name would pops up in conversations when even if the person has called an incorrect name, his city pops up everywhere, totally unexpected place 6months later it is intensifying to the point it is scary. The relationship has since developed an invisible intensity that cannot be explained and we have drifted.
    The only sign I get from this 6 months later is that he must still have an interest, as the ‘spiritual harassment’ or ‘coincidences ‘would not still be happening.
    Is there something more creepy going on or am I getting the wrong messages from these re-occurring coincidences?
    Thank you for taking the time to read my experiences

    • Hi Lydia! Thank you so much for sharing your story! This has definitely happened to me although not to the same extent you described. I have read about similar experiences in a book you might enjoy called Synchronicity by Dr. Kirby Surprise. It’s hard to know what’s going on for sure without talking with you directly but it seems like the best thing to do might be to stay calm and not pay too much attention to it unless your intuition tells you there’s a message in the experience. My guess is you’re creating synchronicity with your attention (a name that’s relevant to you in the moment). Hope that’s helpful!

  4. [...] Then comes my favorite part–the actual manifesting in the manifesting process. This is something empaths tend to be quite good at. We tend to have a greater sense of our intuition that we can use to co-create our desires in synchronous ways. [...]

  5. I went to see a staged reading of a new play about the making of the film “Cleopatra” with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Everyone involved is famous. It was very good. I talked a little with the actor I mainly went to see afterwards. Then I left and was walking down the street in NYC. I hadn’t gotten too far and I noticed two men in front of a beauty product store, selling an expensive line of skincare products. They were handing out samples and trying to get you to come in and buy things. I looked at their window and in the window was a picture of Elizabeth Taylor in her makeup and costume from “Cleopatra”!!! I was so surprised. There was no connection to the play I had just seen but it stunned me as a pointed coincidence. A synchronicity. I have had things happen before in my life, striking coincidences. I don’t know what it means. Liz has a sense of humor? I know I really want to get back into creative work. I used to act years ago. I have done office work for years and hate it but I have to get another job to make a living. But I do want to get back into doing creative things. Maybe this was a message about following my passion. I get so excited about film and theatre and performing but never figured out how to make a living doing it and gave up.

  6. [...] at. We tend to have a greater sense of our intuition that we can use to co-create our desires in synchronous ways. And then finally, we need to take action. We need to identify the little things we can do [...]

  7. Hello,
    I am an empath, I also have my own psychic experiences. The problem I have with myself is that I have a hard time confusing my intuition with what my heart wants sometimes. I have been really focusing on trying to my guides as well as how to create my own reality.
    Here is what I have an issue with. I met a man two years ago. He was exactly what I had been looking for to some degree and there was an instant connection. The problem was that I was not ready for it, I was having problems in my own life and it did not work out because of some mistakes I made. I dropped it and moved on. A year later he began texting me. We got together again for one date and again I was so nervous I could not say what I wanted to say and so forth so again I moved on. Before I met him I dreamed of him three times. When I met him I knew he was the one I had dreamed about.
    Several months ago I went to a spiritual mentor and we worked on exercises for manifesting. On the way home from that Spiritual Retreat I asked my guides to give me a clear indication of whether I needed to move on and start trying to draw another person into my life. I asked for a sign within three days. Should I move on or not? Well that night he texted me again in a way he never had before. The timing was really amazing. I once again asked someones opinion…they said you do not need to be in a relationship now. So I ignored the text and tried to forget about this person. Last week…I got a fortune cookie. It said,”someone is trying to reconcile with you” . I thought to myself…funny I wonder if it is””””? and once again blew it off. The next day another text. Every time I think of this person he contacts me. Should I blow this off again? I am confused on this one.

    • Hi Rene,

      Thank you for sharing your story. That’s a pretty amazing amount of coincidences there! Two things jump out for me:

      First you mention having some things you want to say to this man that you weren’t able to say when you last reconnected in person. Do you know that “acts of truth”–simply stating your true feelings to someone you care deeply for can be healing regardless of the outcome? And it doesn’t even matter how much time has passed. Sometimes we just need to voice our truth, but it has to be done from a place of detachment. It has to be an act for ourselves and our own healing without having any expectations attached to how the other person will receive it. The fact that you have something you want to share could be the reason you’re having these synchronicity experiences…Of course, I would need to know more about your situation and what you want to share with him before suggesting that you do so, but it’s something to consider.

      Second, you mention asking your guides for a sign, and it sounds like you received one. That’s a very intimate conversation between you, your guides, and the symbols that appear in your environment. Then you mention asking someone elses opinion about the situation and got an answer that appears to be in direct conflict with your own intuitive practice. Sounds like strengthening your own intuitive muscle and finding a way to rely on your own intuition, interpretation of symbols, guides, etc. is the way to go here. Asking too many people their thoughts on your situation can get confusing.

      Of course, strengthening your intuition takes time and practice, but it will feel more empowering than relying on others and conflicting messages. If you need any help with this and want to work on developing this more, I would be happy to help you with a free Discovery Session. You can email me at if you’d like to set one up.

      Hope this helps!

      Much love,


  8. Ok, so I have a relationship with this person, I love him. Everytime he gets close emotionally he goes and runs into a cave for a week or so. I am currently getting divorced and have been focusing on myself. While creating a vision board …I was tearing out pages in an old magazine, phrases, houses, engagement rings, a happy couple that just got married. Then the very last page in the magazine was a full magazine add picture of him. I got chills. When writing in my journal I asked the universe to show me a sign if he was the one …the next day I looked in my rear view mirror and he was in the car behind me. Also when writing in my journal i had asked that he not only love me but my children as well….the same day he was behind me in the car he text me about my son’s baseball game.
    He is married. Please don’t judge I am just trying to figure out these signs? Why is he in my life? Why Have I attracted him? I understand that I can’t control anyone else. I do not want to hurt anyone. I know we are all connected. Am I manifesting him? Is this real?

    • Hi Michelle,

      What you are describing sounds like a pretty amazing series of synchronicity experiences! While it’s possible that there could be some deeper meaning to them, it’s always safest to start with acknowledging that we manifest what we pay attention to and want to see (which in and of itself is amazing, especially in your experience!).

      I would be happy to learn more and see if I can help you form a context and better understanding of these experiences. If you’d like to set up a free Discovery Session, you can email me at


    • Hi Christina – Just wanted to share my own experience with synchronicity. And, I guess that’s where I need to start – each of our experiences is to be interpreted for our own life path. I can assure you there is nothing to fear about coincidences – they are gifts. Whatever you believe is our greater source – God, love, Mother Earth, etc – it is safe to say synchronicity is a gift from that source. I discovered I was an empath approximately two years ago and have been on this amazing journey understanding my gift in order to master my gift. Along the way, I learned coincidences are gifts. The simplest thing to do is consider the coincidence, ask yourself what YOU think it means and go with that answer. Even if you get it ‘wrong” source will bring it around to you, again. Have fun with it! and try not to second guess your initial response because that doubt is really your ego. I am experiencing synchronicity daily. At first, it took me a minute to accept how often it was occurring. Part of my journey is spiritual; the coincidences are not only a sign I am on the right path (encouraging) but also indication of my spiritual growth. You are spot on with the suggestion that synchronicity is beyond us but put the books down and just let it happen naturally. If you accept the occurrence in your awareness you are already on your way to understanding why. Just take the next steps and get the message(s) they send you and I can assure you your understanding will grow form there. 1. Synchronicity happens for a reason 2. Each person’s “reason” will be different 3. Take the time to get your own message and not what someone else might think your message means. With great love…Barbara

      • Hi Barbara,

        Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful experience! Synchronicities really do seem to happen more to empaths, don’t they? :)

        I really love the synchronicities that have a deeper meaning, and I agree with you that some do. Those are the experiences that really light me up and give me deeper insight into my own life! I know how powerful they can be…

        Mine seem to come from me, perhaps a “Higher Self” part of me outside of the space/time continuum (which I believe exists for everyone–studying quantum physics gives some great explanations for this possibility!). I believe sometimes they may come from Source as well, as you mentioned. In any case, it’s beautiful to have these experiences regardless of where they come from and whether they have any deeper meaning!

        It sounds like you’ve become masterful at finding the deeper meaning in your own synchronicities–thank you for sharing such a beautiful perspective on synchronicity.

        Much love,

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  10. I was looking through a box of old stuff from the attic my mom gave me when she sold her house…and also defriending people who were less “positive” (ugly swearing, ugly messages) on facebook…including a few friends that I had spent much time with and was close to in days of yore…until I came across a small box with charms for necklaces. You know those “best friend” heart necklaces that were so stylish when we were young? The ones where they wore one and you wore one … and when you put them together they formed a heart? I found a box with four broken “best friend” !/2 broken hearts in that charm box…and stopped my defriend massacre right there. Maybe I can be a good influence over these people in time? Who knows….but I don’t want to break anyone’s heart, that’s for sure.

    • That’s a really beautiful interpretation! I know what you mean, though, about wanting to move away from people who aren’t being positive…and yet wanting to be helpful at the same time.

      I think it depends more on how strong *you’re* feeling. I think you’re very emotionally empathic like me, so we feel other people’s energies and emotions more deeply and they affect us. If it’s bothering you, you’re taking care of yourself by trying to limit your contact with more negative people. But if you’re feeling strong enough, I’m sure you can be a help to them too! :)


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  12. I believe everything happens for a reason. So you are correct, if it’s interpreted incorrectly . . . well, usually it takes a lot of work to straighten things out again.

  13. Hi Christina. I have an on-going flow of things, events and people that have moved me to where I am today. It all really began a year ago with a head cold. A head cold that made me quite ill and sat me on the couch for a week. That’s when I found some clarity about what I wanted. That time on the couch also lead me to a discovery and a path which has grown over and over as people have come in to my life and new paths have picked up right as others were dropping off. All leading me to exactly where I am which is a place I never could have dreamed of. I really feel like they were laid there for me to find. (too many details to try to explain it all further here, but its good and the timing of it all can not be mistaken)


    • Hi Kate,

      That is awesome–I love hearing about experiences like this! I think the most important thing is to observe and recognize how it all fits together and find meaning from it all, as you’ve done. :) Thank you for sharing!


  14. A friend once told me that if you find a dime in a random place, its the universe “calling you” about something you were thinking about when you picked up the dime. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve been thinking about someone, looked down and found a dime, reached out to that person and it was really important!

    • Hi Kimba,

      Wow that is really cool! Around the time I started my business, I was finding pennies everywhere (and some dimes too!). This went on for about a whole year almost daily. I saved all the change I found and ended up with a couple of dollars after a period of time. I felt like it was the Universe encouraging me with little rewards everyday. I love that I’m not alone in this experience–thank you for sharing!


  15. Hi Christina:

    I got a very wonderful mail from one of my unknown friend. Now I am practicing it very vigorously. I will let you know the result.

    • Hi Nanu,

      That is good news! Yes please let me know the result–I am very curious! :)


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