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After writing How to Create Synchronicity, I feel inspired to create an ongoing dialogue about synchronicity as it plays out in my life, starting with this entry. I hope that I will inspire you to welcome and look for it in your life also. Such experiences make everything so much more rich and interesting and are a phenomenon not discussed often enough!

I had the idea after reading The Seven Secrets of Synchronicity which featured one story about a guy who chronicles his synchronicity experiences on a blog that I really love called Teapots Happen.

He went all the way back into childhood and made a post for each synchronicity he could remember experiencing. Well, that may be a project for the future, but I thought maybe I would just start with Now.

After all, where is the beginning really?

So many of the synchronicities I’ve experienced are linked to things that happened before, and I really could just keep going further and further back. Now seems as good a time to start as any. Of course, one single moment does lose a bit of its significance when not viewed within the whole picture. I’ve read stories of synchronicities where the ultimate punch line only comes years and years later.

Like the one about the woman who dreams the hospital she works in has been bombed. She thinks it has some sort of emotional significance, like maybe a part of her is suffering and being destroyed by her working there. But then the hospital really does get bombed years later and looks exactly the way she pictured it!

Or the one about the woman who loses the film containing a picture of herself with her son right before World War II. She is never able to get the picture developed, but after the war when film is being recycled, she notices that the picture she had taken so long ago is superimposed over a more recent picture she has developed. Her own film and picture had found its way back to her after all that time!

I believe these stories are so important because they may be clues to what is going on in our reality, whether it’s past, present, or future. But even if they don’t mean anything in particular (because some are just silly, even though very strange), they at least jolt us out of believing that we understand everything about life when it feels mundane and boring. They remind us that we live in a mysterious, playful reality, where the unexpected can happen at any moment, whether we understand the meaning or not.

So where to start with Now?


Two days ago, I met a friend for tea. We’ll call him R. While I was waiting for him in the cafe, there was nothing but music from the 40s playing, like Ella Fitzgerald stuff. As soon as he sat down *my song* came on. This is the song I talk about in the post How to Create Synchronicity. Both of us looked up in shock.  He actually understood the significance, because I had explained it to him two weeks ago–the last time it came on when I was with him!

And this is not a current hit song that is constantly being played on the radio. It’s not new, and I don’t even think it is very well-known.

I had actually been thinking about the song, all day, just pondering its significance in the current context of things. I almost played it myself but held back. Instead I played the song that came after it on my CD. There’s no sense in over-playing *the song* for no reason.

Maybe he called ahead of time and arranged to have the song played? Well it’s possible, but that would have required quite a bit of planning!

Two weeks ago we were sitting together and talking at a club when the song came on.  Now the fact that it was played there wasn’t so strange. I think that’s probably where I know the song from anyway, even though I don’t remember ever specifically hearing it there except for this time two weeks ago (which I noticed, now that it has meaning). But the timing was weird. It was a very weird night in general–the perfect moment for a strange synchronicity.

I’ve been paying attention to my dreams lately and journaling about them. When you think about it, paying attention to dreams and synchronicities is really not that different. In both situations you are looking at symbols and what they mean, maybe even clues from the subconscious in both cases.

I felt inspired suddenly to go back and re-read what I had written of a dream from last July. This is one of the most significant and vivid dreams I’ve had all year, and in it I was blissfully, ecstatically happy. It was about new beginnings, strange shifts, playfully trying to find my way, and feeling late but realizing that I was right on time, socializing like it was the first day of school and waiting for the bell to ring, the day to begin, and finally ending with a disappointment.

The disappointment confused me, but it didn’t shake my happiness or the tone of the dream. It was strange and seemingly out of place, but it didn’t make the dream a bad dream.  It was incongruent with the rest of the dream and somewhat abrupt. I remember wondering what it meant, or if it would come true. As I read before and after the entry in the context of my journal (I intersperse dreams with real events in my journal), I noticed some strange things.

Shortly after the dream, I had written about a real situation that happened which presented itself as evidence that the disappointment from the dream would not come true–at least not yet.

But to my shock, I realized that the disappointment had actually just come true in the past few weeks, several months after the dream. I never would have realized it if I hadn’t gone back and reread the journal entry!

Also, I noticed that the day before the dream, I had written in my journal about receiving an email about R. Before the email, R was not actively in my life even though I had known him for a long time. It was only after this email that he slowly came into my life over a period of several months (but this did not have anything directly to do with the email).

I noticed it was strange that the dream of the disappointment happened around the same time R first came on the scene via the email, and that when the disappointment actually happened, he was actually present in my life and somewhat involved with it.

What does it all mean? I have no idea! :)

In The Holographic Universe, Michael Talbot talks about reality having both an implicate and an explicate order–meaning that what we see in our reality (explicitly) may look very different at the core, which we can’t see (implicit, or implied). Everything is connected at a fundamental level that we can’t entirely see or understand just by looking at the surface.  And some things are connected perhaps more than others or in particular ways that manifest their truth strangely in the explicit, visible world we observe.

I may not understand the meaning of these experiences now if they mean anything at all, but here are my takeaways:

  • We are all connected at a fundamental level
  • Dreams are made up of symbols that are clues to our story, and I believe these symbols and clues manifest in waking life as synchronicity–paying attention to them is like paying attention to your dreams
  • The message from a synchronicity can take years to unfold, so have patience
  • We are constantly having a conversation with reality via symbols. We set our intentions and put them out there, and the Universe works in mysterious ways to create experiences that are responses.
  • Life is so much more rich and mysterious than it appears to be on the surface–be surprised!

Leave a comment on the blog if you have a magical synchronicity you would like to share. :)

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  1. Hi Noch Noch,

    Thank you for stopping by! I’m starting to believe (especially after the experience in this post) that there can be all kinds of synchronicities and patterns going on in our lives that we’re not even aware of unless we look closely–so you never know, there may be some in your life even if you don’t see them at first glance. ;)


  2. Hi Christina… first time stumbling to your website. I dont have a synchronicity experience – or maybe that’s coz I’ve not paid attention to that . it’s quite interesting for me, as I’m at a juncture where I’m exploring my spirituality and this somehow ties in with some things I’ve been reading about.. thanks :)


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